Synchronize Mac with numerous devices using SyncMate

Why SyncMate Expert?

SyncMate Expert is essentially a tool for synchronizing data across devices. Not only synchronization means that your data – Messages, Photos, Music, Documents, Reminders, Contacts, Calendar entries and Call History – is up to date on all your devices, it also means that you have a backup of it at all times. The application enables mounting cloud storage services on your Mac, i.e. you can access and manage your data stored online as if it were on your Mac’s hard drive. There are other handy features such as typing messages on your Mac and sending them from your phone – those who often exchange lengthy messages will certainly appreciate it.

Sync Service

The app’s own Sync Service allows to synchronize data locally – no need to send it to a cloud first means adds security to the process. Supported for OS X 10.8.5 and later versions.

Using SyncMate Expert

Installing SyncMate is no different from installing any other application for Mac. Once you are done with it, select items you’d like to synchronize across your devices. For devices running iOS it is done automatically via iCloud, Android devices however require a third party software application.

The app will also ask you for permission to access your Contacts.

SyncMate also enables you to sync data stored on Google Drive and Dropbox, you only have to enter your login and password to access your content there. To mount the cloud services OS X Fuse installation is required, if there are any ‘file permission issues’, install SSHFS.

Eltima, SyncMate’s developer, gathers statistics about the use of the app. The checkbox is ticked by default, uncheck it, if you do not want to share such information.


You have an option to synchronize data on Mac and other devices automatically. The app will remember settings you have configured initially and apply them for further syncing sessions. You can always modify them whenever required. There is also a way to schedule automatic syncing, although pretty basic at the moment.

Mounting Cloud Storages

Mounting a cloud storage service on Mac requires an OS X Fuse installed. The rest is easy – you are given options to choose which folders or files to synchronize and specify a period of synchronization, etc. You can view a log file created during syncing session and you will be notified once the synchronization is complete.

SyncMate 6 Expert by Eltima is what you need for synchronizing data on Mac, iOS and Android devices, as well as cloud storage services. It also does a good job of mounting cloud services on Mac making it easy to access and manage files and folders kept online. Mac users are likely to appreciate the minimalistic clean interface of the application. What needs to be improved is the scheduler for automatic syncing, it’s a bit too basic at the moment.

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