How to Reset Windows 7 Password with iSeePassword

A strong password can effectively protect the laptop or PC and prevent unauthorized users get access to the information. But the same can lock yourself out of the PC once you forget the password. How can Windows 7 user regain access to their laptop or PC if they forget their password? And how do you reset Windows 7 password?

There are several complex techniques to reset or to recover the password for Windows 7 login. Before choosing the recovery technique and tool, you should know which type of account you have in your computer, as Windows 7 offers three account types: Standard Account, Administrator Account and built-in administrator. In case of resetting Windows 7 Standard password you have to utilize administrator privileges. You can even resort to the built-in administrator mode to reset the password by booting Windows 7 computer in safe mode. Built-in administrator, which is disabled by default, offers full unrestricted access rights and permission on the computer and so in case of lost password, Windows7 admin password can be rest on control panel or with command prompt.


But what will you do if you have not enabled built in administrator? There are various recovery tools available in the market capable of password recovery. This being a powerful tool can help you access your PC by recovering the password. With a matter of several clicks this functional tool can access your login despite the type of operating system your computer makes use of. A powerful windows recovery tool facilitates you to recover your lost or forgotten administrator password or domain password or windows local account password on all most all Windows operating systems such as 10/8/9/Vista, Windows server2000-2016,Windows 10/8 Microsoft. It is a quick customer-friendly tool.


With the help of this tool you can rest your password without causing any damage to the data in your computer. The password recovery tool will help you to add a new account without login. Moreover this tool is capable to reset password in all Windows 7 computers including laptops and desktops. It also can reset Windows 10 admin password with easy.

The user –friendly features of the recovery tool make it popular among professionals. It supports most of the Windows Operating systems.It is designed to cater to the hard disk configurations of SATA,SCS and IDE.


iSeePassword Windows 7 password Recovery aid is powerful enough to remove all passwords in Windows 7×32 and x64 edition. It is capable of recovering and removing passwords from Windows 7 starter, Windows 7 Home basic, Windows7 Home premium, Windows 7 professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.  The iSeePassword Windows password recovery tool can be accessed from a CD. It makes you feel at ease for you to create a Windows 7 password disk for recovering password by burning the tool into bootable CD/DVD. The same process is applicable for USB flash drive as it supports running the recovery from USB drive.

The iSeePassword Password Recovery tool for Windows 7 has a professionally sound team behind the scene, who can assist you and resolve your problems regarding the password recovery tool.

You can try a convenient and easy-to-use password recovery tool for Windows7 that works irrespective of the fact that you have administrator, password disk, CD to install, system recovery disk etc. If you are looking forward for a high quality tool in password recovery, Recovery Tool for Window 7 is a very good decision.

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