Outlook4Gmail Syncs your Google Contacts and Calendars with Outlook

Outlook4Gmail is a product developed by Scand Ltd. that performs the main function of connecting Outlook and Google account data. For more than 5 years, Scand is serving its users and customers maximizing the efforts on support and update of Outlook4Gmail.

The last couple of updates of this product changed the GUI of the software, added valuable features, and leveraged the design.

The core functionality of Outlook4Gmail is that it syncs Outlook and Google contacts and calendars. It could perform one or two-way syncing. This process could also be performed manually or tuned to automatic synchronization between two or more accounts.

Outlook4Gmail can sync calendars from numerous Outlook accounts with one target Google calendar. You could read more in the FAQ section of the product.

While using this software one should remember that there is a free version, a free 7-day full trial and the full-featured version of Outlook4Gmail.

The new update of Outlook4Gmail (4.6.2) has an improved interface, easier synchronization patterns, and much better functionality.

The new features added:

  • Synchronization “My Contacts” from Google only (contacts from “Other” and “Most Contacted” groups are skipped);
  • Synchronization of appointment reminders and event notifications.

The previous version of Outlook4Gmail (4.6.1) brought to life the following functionality:

  • Additional customization of synchronization rules for any Outlook folder or Google account;
  • Additional customization of proxy settings;
  • ‘Bypass Phone Type’ option implementation;
  • non-standard font sizes and DPI settings support, etc.

Outlook4Gmail 4.6.2 version is not the full stop for Scand development team as the new 5.0.0 version enabling task syncing is on the way.


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