How to Edit PDF Files using PDF Editor

Hello Freaks, how are you doing? Today we have come up with a solution to one of the most frequently asked questions in our website about how to edit PDF files on Mac. PDF file format is one of the most used format when it comes to exchange important documents including invoice, presentations, CAD drawings, government forms and even legal documents. One of the reason why PDF files are popular is that it is usually very smaller in size and can be sent via email or stored in flash drives. But even though, PDF files can be very useful but at the same time it comes with some demerits. Editing a PDF file is not an easy task which prevents other people copying text or printing from a PDF file. But you can open any PDF file in your computer or mobile devices without any problem.

While editing a PDF file can be comparatively easy in Windows but it is a huge pain to achieve this task if you are a Mac user. Apple devices may have countless features but at the same time it does comes with some demerits as well.

But never fear, as usual we have come up with a solution to accomplish this issue as well. That’s where PDF editor for Mac comes into play.

What is PDF Editor for Mac?

PDF editor for Mac is a desktop software which helps you to edit text in your PDF files. Not only that but also it helps you to add and align text and add, remove, extract or crop images on PDF files with a blink of an eye. I will list down the top features of PDF Editor for Mac so that you can understand it better.


Top Feature of PDF Editor for Mac:

  1. Edit text and images: While most of the software which you will find online can help you to edit text but most of them won’t let you add, delete, replace or crop images in your PDF files. But with PDF Editor for Mac, it is possible to edit and add text and also you can manipulate the images in your PDF file however you wish.
  2. Annotate PDFs: This is one of the must have feature for every PDF reader. Using this software you can add comments and highlight texts for better user experience. You can also draw freely on the PDf wherever you like. Pretty handy feature to have.
  3. Create and Convert PDFs: While creating a PDF file is easy but if you are uncomfortable working in PDF files then you can convert your PDF file to your desirable format. PDF Editor for Mac allows you to convert your PDF files to DOCX, XLSX, ePub, PPTX and even HTML format with just a few clicks. You can now work with your file using Microsoft Office applications.
  4. OCR Scanning: You will end up buying a software to get this feature. But with this software you can edit PDF files from existing scanned documents. Also available for multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Bulgarian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish Norwegian, and much more.
  5. Edit Online Forms: No need to print your legal documents, fill them manually and rescan it. With this software you will be able to edit any form whether it is legal form or any government form. This will really save you tons of time and one of the most life savior feature to have.
  6. Encrypt PDF files: Protecting your PDF file is always #1 priority. You can encrypt PDF files by adding a password so that no one can access your private documents.

And much more. I will recommend you guys to head over to their official website and read full features in details by yourself. I am sure you will not regret this.

Stay tuned for more.


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