How to Reset Windows 10 Password if You Forgot

How to Reset Windows 10 Password if You Forgot

So, you were about to use your PC for something important and all of a sudden the password you entered shows wrong. You tried every combination of letters and digits but nothing seems to be working anymore. Now, this can be very frustrating since your computer has all the important data and files that you can’t afford to lose.

But never fear, as usual we have come up with few solutions that can help to reset and remove Windows 10 password, so that you can get back into your computer again. We will be trying several methods and whatever works with you is fine as long it can crack the password.

Method 1: Reset Windows 10 Password using Microsoft Account

Now, when you first set up Windows 10 on your computer, the system will automatically let you enter your Microsoft account details since it is the default account type for your system. Using the same Microsoft account, you will be able to use all the Microsoft services including OneDrive, MSN and so on. So, if you can reset your Microsoft account then surely, you can get back into your PC again. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1. Go to and select “I forgot my password”. (You will have to do it from a different working computer or a smartphone with internet connection)


Step 2. Now on the next page, enter your Microsoft information. It could be the email you used to sign up or the phone number associated with your Microsoft account.
Step 3. Next, choose how to receive the verification code. You can either choose via email or phone number.

Step 4. Enter the verification code and click on Next.

Step 5. Now enter the new password and click on Next.

Step 6. The password should be reset by now.

Step 7. Turn on the locked computer and login using the new password.

Step 8. Voila! It’s done.

Now, if you forgot the email and phone number associated with your Microsoft account then this method is useless for you. In that case, you will have to use a professional third party software to crack the password of your Windows 10 login screen.

Method 2: Reset Windows 10 Password using PCUnlocker

PCUnlocker is a professional tool that helps to reset Windows 10 Password. This software can reset password for both admin and other local user accounts without any hustle. Let us list down the top features of this software so that you can understand it better.

Main features of PCUnlocker:

  1. 100% remove Windows 10 password.
  2. Convert Windows 10 Microsoft account to its linked local account.
  3. Work in other version of Windows platform too including Windows 8, 7, XP and so on.
  4. Supported in every hard drives including SATA, IDE and so on.
  5. Boot your PC in either UEFI secure boot or legacy BIOS mode.
  6. Lifetime free upgrades.
  7. Dedicated support staff to assist you with any issue.

How to use PCUnlocker to Reset Windows 10 Password.

First, you will have to head on to the official website and download the software on your computer. You do need a working computer or laptop to do this. After that, simply use the following procedure to reset Windows 10 password of your locked computer.

Step 1. Download and extract PCUnlocker

After downloading, you should extract the files from the zip folder. You should be able to find the file named “pcunlocker.iso”.


Step 2. Insert an empty USB flash drive

Now, insert an empty flash drive on your computer and let the system recognize it automatically.

Step 3. Burn the ISO image file

Now, with the help of any ISO burner, you should burn the ISO file on the empty flash drive. This process may take some time, so wait patiently until it is finished.


Step 4. Unlock your PC and Enjoy

Next, you should take out the flash drive and insert it into the locked PC. Now turn on the PC and keep pressing Esc or F11 key continuously to see the boot menu. From here, choose the USB flash drive option and press enter. This should automatically load PCUnlocker and you should be able to see a window that looks like this.


Now, choose the username for which you wish to reset the password and click on “Reset Password”. Now let the software does its magic and restart your PC when it is done.

Bravo! Now you can enter into your PC without any password.


In short tutorial, we showed how to reset Windows 10 Password. There are many tools on the internet market but you may consider using PCUnlocker as it is tested and proven on many locked PCs before. Next time, when you set up a new password, try to write it on a piece of paper or text file so that you don’t lose it again.



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