The Best Ways to Watch Movies without a Television

It’s obvious that we are used to the old fashioned style of watching movies, where you have to seat behind your big television screen to enjoy the film. Those days are long gone, and there are other ways to keep your dreams alive. The new watch hustle is inexpensive, and it’s exciting. It gives you an insight of the movie, which gives you the freedom of feeling as if you are part of the film production.


Have you ever wished to notice the difference in the movie formats but you can’? Do you even know that there are movies that are shot in full HD while other are in 4K ultra format? While if you don’t know the difference, then projectors are here for your rescue.  Projectors will give your movie a whole new image. You will enjoy watching without the fear of someone may block your view. It’s also another way of making your home to have a theater feeling. This way you will give passion to the movie and you will not be bored watch and re-watching the same movie for the whole day.  If you depend on your television, you may not note some of the feelings that are attached to the movie you love.

Your PC

Most people spend their time on the PC either working or looking for some source of entertainment.  There are moments when you just want to relax and catch up on your favorite TV shoes or movies. Your PC is a great device to use for watching movies other than the television. All you need is to install showbox for windows, and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone and carry your movies with you anywhere you go. With the numerous movie apps for Android, iPhone, windows, iPad and other devices, you don’t need a television for you to watch your favorite shows. Find the best app that fits your device and start watching with freedom like never before. Also using your PC or phone, you can have the freedom of streaming live, fore-playing and even pausing the movie.


Another way of watching movies is by visiting the cinema. However, this may be an expensive option since you will have to pay for the movies you watch and you will also not have the freedom of watching the movies you want.  It’s also a better way of watching and mingling with friends.


As you think to go viral with your movie love, it’s important that you ensure you have a budget that will guide you through the transition process. This way, you will be able to find the best option to follow and remain stable. Finally, it’s good to give yourself a movie treat and make your dreams come true by watching a movie you like in your style.

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