Speed up your Searching Files using Copernic Search Server

Speed up your Searching Files using Copernic Search Server

Hello Geeks, how are you doing? Today we have come up with solution that has been asked by every small business owners in our blog about how to make employers search particular files in a lightning speed way? Did you guys know that more than 83 minutes are spent each day by employers to search the files and documents they wish to work with? That’s over 100 hours of wastage per month that can be spent on other activities to increase productivity in your company.

But never fear, we have come up with a solution that could resolve all these search related issues for beginner and developed business owners about searching the files in a more convenient way. That’s where Copernic Search Server comes into play.
Copernic Search Server is a desktop software that helps to centralize all your files and documents in one single convenient server from where all your workers and employers can search files from. It will make extremely easy for the employers to find their data just by typing the keywords on the centralized server.

Let us explain the main features of this software so that you guys can understand about this software better.

Main features of Copernic Search Server

  1. Save 19.83% of business hour per month that could be spent on other activities that will result in more productivity for your company.
  2. Over 150 types of data are supported: That’s true. Almost any kind of files can be searched using this program, whether it is PDF, images, emails, documents and other private and secret data types.
  3. 100% Safe and Secure: Copernic Search Server doesn’t collect any information from your server at all. Not even a single keyword is tracked. In fact, you can use this software without connecting your system with internet.
  4. Elegant Graphical Interface Unit: The new sophisticated design of this program makes it extremely easier for anyone to search any file on their business server.
  5. Easy to configure: The configuration process is pretty self-explanatory and anyone can easily setup this program by just reading the instruction.
  6. Easy to use: Your workers and employers will find this program very easy to work with due its amazing user interface. Practically, no technical skills are required to use this program.
  7. Minimum System Requirement: This program literally takes minimum CPU usage and will not have any negative effect on your computer usage whatsoever.
  8. Dedicated Support System: If you face any trouble or have any query regarding this software then the support staff will be very happy to help you.

And much more. We will recommend you guys to head over to their official website and read each and every feature by yourself to know about this program better. In the meantime, we hope you guys enjoyed and found this article useful.

Stay tuned for more!

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