How to control multiple screen from a single PC

Hola Geeks, what is going on? At the starting of this year, we have talked about how to create multiple desktops from a single computer so that you can multi-task at a time but this time we have come up with something even bigger. In today’s article, we are going to discuss on how to control multiple TV screens from a single computer. You must have seen indefinite number of TV screens when you go to any electronic shop or mega marts or shopping malls where you see every video are perfectly synced playing the same video or even a large video wall showing a single video but in multiple screens.

You must be thinking if it’s magic or one must have spent a lot of money to set this up. In real life, if you are a small business owner or a managing director who needs to monitor different places at the same time then it could be tough. But what if we told you that you can install different TV screens wherever you want and then monitor every screen from a single computer or laptop? Sounds unrealistic, right? Well, it may sound like so but in this tutorial, we will introduce you to an astonishing program that can control multiple screens from a single PC. That’s where Monitors Anywhere Connect comes into play.

What is Monitors Anywhere Connect?

It is a desktop software made by Monitors Anywhere company that can be used to connect multiple screens to a single pc over the LAN. It allows you to display any type of content on any TV screen such as videos, presentations, documents, web browser and so on using a single PC. You can either display different videos on each screen or you can simply mirror them and display the same video on every screen in perfect sync. In addition, you can even build a beautiful video wall to create simple digital signage, that is a lot catchier and very profitable for any business to attract passing by new customers.

How does MonitorsAnywhere Connect Works?

Very simple. All you need is a HDMI over LAN zero client which is used to connect every screen using HDMI, VGA or DVI and to your local network using the ethernet cable wire. These are very basic equipments that are easily available on market. After making the connections, follow these steps to mange and control all your TV screen.

Step 1. Download MonitorsAnywhere Connect on your computer or laptop. The installation process is very straight-forward and should be done within few moments. Next, launch the computer to see the main user interface.


Step 2. Connect the computer with the same local network in which you have connected your screens.

Step 3. The software should display all the available TV screens connected over the same LAN network as thumbnails showing what is currently displayed on the respective screens. You can even label each thumbnails with different colors for your own convenience.


Step 4. If you wish to display a single content on a particular screen then click on that screen thumbnail > click on “New” > Select “VLC” > Choose the video that you want to display > Click on “Save and Send”. That’s all, now that particular screen should display the video you have just selected.


Step 5. Repeat step 4 if you wish to display a powerpoint presentation on any TV screen.


There you have it. You can now display any content you want in any TV screen from a single computer. You can even mirror the content and create a video wall of your choice using the same software as well.

The possibilities are endless on how you want to use this software. Just be creative and hopefully you will have a huge success. If you wish to learn more about this program then don’t forget to visit the official website and learn all the features by yourself.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed and would love to share this article on your social media profiles. Stay tuned for more!

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