3 Helpful Tips to using MS Office for Mac

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today, we are going to discuss few helpful tips for using Microsoft Office for Mac. Honestly, Microsoft Office was only introduced for Windows users and whoever switched from Windows to Mac faced this problem once in a while for not using MS Office. Frankly speaking, Microsoft Office provides tons of beneficial features that makes your life easier which other document reading software lacks to provide.

Moreover, MS Office for Mac 2016 has introduced myriad latest features that were overdue with time. Additionally, it has introduced essential keyboard shortcuts as well as attractive user interface that could literally perform any task that you could think of. From customization to adding new templates, you will surely have an amazing experience with the recent MS Office update.

Tip #1: No Worries about Saving Documents

MS Office 2016 introduced auto save option and most users didn’t even bother to save their documents. But eventually, they started noticing missing contents and data loss with time. Unfortunately, MS Office 2016 for Mac won’t auto save your document, so make sure to keep saving your document after finishing every other sentence.

Tip #2: Store Documents on Cloud Server

Fotunately, MS Office 2016 for Mac has an in-built feature to save documents directly on your OneDrive or Sharepoint cloud server account. This is really very crucial because if you save your documents on online cloud server then you can access these files and documents anywhere from the world by signing in into your OneDrive or Sharepoint account. People are tending to store their important data on cloud server due to their safety and security. But thankfully, you don’t have to manually upload any document to your cloud server as MS Office for Mac can upload your files directly to your cloud account from the tool itself.

Tip #3: Tweak Documents Styles

MS Office for Mac has numerous in-built styles and templates to decorate your files and make it look much more attractive. Simply go to Home tab and check the Styles panel to browse through the styles and templates introduced by the program. You can either apply them to a single page or you can apply them for the whole document without any problem. This is definitely very handy if you are making a paper for your education or business purpose.


In this short guide, we have shown 3 amazing tips to get started with MS Office for Mac. Hopefully you guys liked it and don’t forget to share more tips like this in the comments below. Remember to save your documents at all time whenever you are writing any document in order to avoid losing any important content.

Hope you guys found this article valuable and don’t forget to share it with your friends and families.

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