DEPLOY MANAGER- The Development Tool Which Never Fails

Being software or a database developer is not an easy task, especially when the weary load of several tasks amount to greater difficulties for a single coder to handle. It might sound quite of an interesting job to engage with, but while working on multiple projects with varying environments which includes project tasks, development, code versioning, code merging before deployment, things get a bit messy. The tools that are generally available for developer’s assistance do not deal with deployment, testing of performance, so it becomes quite laborious to maintain objects in a multi-user, multi project, and multi-environment situations.

The Database Object Management compiles administrating database objects, browsing the objects for instance tables, functions, procedures, triggers, packages, modules, etc which is not possible for a single user to shaft. The real difficulty begins with Database Server Management which deals with areas of instance, session storage, and security management.

In order to alleviate the coders of such exasperating challenges, DEPLOY MANAGER is introduced which at its best not only reduces the work load but gives the developer a full control over the aspects surrounding the development management, be it handling environments, code versioning to tasks, like a project oriented tool.

Developers usually confront three basic challenges of Database Object Management, Script Management, and Performance Management. Deploy Manager perfectly handles all of the three mentioned aspects with little remnants for the coder to do. As per the script management is concerned, Deploy Manager not only maintains complete reign over your database development scripts, by comparing codes, deploying codes, versioning codes, or optimizing codes but also link them to projects, your database modules, and ticketing system.

Testing is an indispensable part of development which often remains incomplete in the mid-way for it is difficult to automate. Deploy Manager comes with the ingenious dynamic input parameter generator which incredibly automates the packages and procedures to test by simulating real-life conditions. This is made possible because both the randomly generated and picked values from the database are implemented. Besides, the software solution provides statistical reports of your performance.

There are few pre-requisites that are needed before Deploy Manager can fully become functional and can provide you the utmost assistance in your work. The pre-requisites are:

  • Oracle instant client
  • Oracle server
  • Windows environment variables

Oracle instant client is usually a re-collaboration of Oracle Database Libraries, header files, and tools, which are preferable to procure and launch applications that connect to a remote or local Oracle Database. Now, the functionality of Deploy Manager is facilitated by the Oracle instant client.

The most relieving feature of Deploy Manager is that it doesn’t require administrative privileges particularly on the database level. There is no requirement of versioning tool integration either. Thus it is recommended to those developers who seriously want to save a considerable amount of time and effort.

So don’t waste your time to over think, thus choose what is best for your career, for it is now or never.

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