How to Create an Email Signature in Apple Mail

Email is an important way to promote business, especially in this era of highly advanced technology. You may first segregate your audience according to location or profession and then send them emails with a personal touch. Also, you can add a few high-quality pictures and a signature and you are good to go.

Nowadays, there is high demand for Apple products and most of the people are using iPhones. Therefore, it is important to compose professional email signature in Apple Mail to send it. That’s why it has to be optimized for iPhones and iPad. An email signature is an important component of any promotional email and it will be crucial to know how to create an email signature in Apple Mail as well.

Importance of Email Signature

Email signatures are very important, especially when considering the promotion of an established company or business. Following are some of the points that highlight the fact why you should always put email signature:

Authenticated email

Such emails which have email signature are considered authentic and trustworthy by customers and audience. The point of the signature is to make the customer assured about the good quality of products.

Proof of professionalism

Signature is a perfect sign of professionalism and not putting a signature or a bad signature might show that you are an amateur company or can be proof of non-seriousness.

High legitimacy

When you put signature, it brings a sense of legitimate company. It also points to the fact that company is not fake and it’s well-established. Also, the signature points out to the fact that there will be no legal problems with the company. And the company is legally safe.

Brand Recognition

Signature comes with free promotion of your brand and when people receive such emails, they will instantly recognize your brand and from then onwards, your products will have brand value more than just the value of the product.

How to Put Email Signature on Apple Mail

Well, it is quite easy for a technical person to add email signature in any kind of application like Android, Windows or even Apple. But since the whole world is using Apple and obsessed with their products, it is crucial to get acquainted and know how to put email signature in Apple Mail.

Honestly, it is much easier to get an email made by online email signature generator because they are experienced and highly efficient at it. If you want to make your own sig, it might not give the impression it is supposed to give. Follow the points given below to put email signature in Apple Mail:

  • In Apple Mail, go to preferences on the top among the main menu of tools.
  • Then, a pop-up box will appear where you have to choose the signature block.
  • Further, in the left column, go to the email account that needs the signature in case you have more than 1 email. Or in a case, if you have a company email and a personal email.
  • Put the required information like company name, email and some other information.
  • Further, add a high-quality image on the left or right side. In the right column, go to create signature.

Things to Keep in Mind

Some things should never be forgotten when creating an email signature:

  • The image should correspond to the company like a logo or a headshot which should be a high quality and relevant.
  • Text should not exceed three lines, otherwise, it could look unattractive. Believe us, customers don’t want to read all copy, so include only important information.
  • Give details that are existing. For example, if your phone number has changed, update the signature with new information. If your information is incorrect, the trust could be damaged. This can lead to the customers decrease in subscribers.


It is sufficient to say that email signature must always, whenever possible, be put at the end of the email. It is always beneficial for the company’s reputation and growth to add a professional signature by using special tools and editors.

Also, make sure to add appropriate data and a relevant picture. As well, you can hire a highly qualified software engineers to handle emails and HTML email signature. Such engineers must know a lot about HTML and since, Apple is the new thing and the big thing, the engineers must also have experience and knowledge about Apple products.

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