How to spy on Facebook Messenger messages on iPhone without jailbreak

Are you a cautious parent and cares for your child well-being? Want to know what kind of conversations your kids are having with their friends? Wondering what kind of people your kids are meeting every day? Or do you want to know if your employers are dedicated on their work or not? Well, this is one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to spy on Facebook Messages on iPhone?

Truth to be told, spying on anyone’s Facebook is not hard anymore, especially with the apps and software developed by the programmers these days. Now, you might be thinking you must have programming and coding skills to accomplish this task but in reality, you don’t really have to have any computer skills to spy on your kids or spouse’s Facebook Messenger. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to an amazing spying program that can report you every single details on your suspected recipient’s device. That’s where mSpy comes into action.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is a flawless and elegant smartphone spying app that is especially designed for parents and employers to keep their kids and co-workers away from bad and obnoxious habits. It is definitely created to be used legally and you can spy on anyone’s device you care for. It is a must have program for every parents who cares and worries for their children and who they are talking with in daily life. Spying on Facebook and other social networks couldn’t be easier than that/

Top Features of mSpy –

  • Works perfectly on non-jailbroken iPhones – No need to jailbreak your iPhone to install this app. Most spying apps requires and forces you to jailbreak your iPhone but not mSpy.
  • In-built Keylogger – mSpy has a perfect keylogging feature which can track each and every key stroke on the recipient’s smartphone including email, passwords, contacts, notes, etc. You don’t even need the password to see the chats or conversations because mSpy will send you each and every single details from the targeted device.
  • Track Phone Calls – You can perfectly track all the outgoing and incoming phones occurred from the mobile phone.
  • Monitor Text Messages – No problem with tracking text messages that are sent and received from the targeted smartphone. You can even see the contact names to confirm who sent the messages.
  • Analyze Emails – Again, no need to know the password of your kids emails since you can exactly analyze all the emails sent and received from your kids or workers email account.
  • Track Browsing History – No matter what kind of websites your kids are surfing, you can track and see exactly what they are searching and what websites they are visiting daily.

How to spy on Facebook Messages on iPhone without jailbreak?

It’s pretty easy. But first you will be required to purchase the app from the official website and install the program on the targeted mobile device meaning if you are spying on your kids Facebook account then first you will need to install the app on their device. Don’t worry, it runs on the background and will be hidden automatically. So there’s no way for your kid to know that his/her device has mSpy installed.


Finally, open your mSpy control panel and track each and every events occurred on the targeted device. You will be able to track all activities instantly from your control panel. So, no need to hack any Facebook account when you can actually track all the activities occurred from the Facebook account.

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