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E-commerce has become extremely competitive over the last few years. At times it is nearly impossible to satisfy the customers’ needs, as their standards are forever evolving. Huge platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress or even Etsy provide such an incredible range of products, that simple old-fashioned online shops can no longer compete with them. When the competition became too much, we decided to overhaul our company and turn it into something better.

We decided to build our own unique online marketplace with an out-of-box solution from e-commerce software experts at They specialize in building customized marketplaces for companies willing to embrace the on-demand economy. If you want to learn how we fared through the shift from a traditional website to a multi-vendor platform, read on.

E-Commerce Marketplace Platform Possibilities

We did not decide to future-proof our business at the drop of a hat. Instead, we have researched the top SAAS suppliers on the market and chose the OMS (Online Marketplace Software) because of its versatility. Though we mostly deal with peer-to-peer and b2c transactions, a b2b model is also a possibility we are willing to explore in the future. At the moment we provide our clients with a platform for buying, selling and lending wholesale and retail vintage clothing, china and other household items.

The best marketplace platform’s feature is its self-sufficiency. We do not have to worry about finding wholesalers to source and store the merchandise, organize dropshipping; we are free of return label and resale worries. Using a marketplace platform, suppliers and distributors can promote and sell their products, arrange shipping and deal with unsatisfied clients, while customers get a comfortable shopping experience without the need to scour endless sites in search of the needed item.

The Transition To A Marketplace Platform

First, let us reassure you that the OMS (Online Marketplace Software) is very easy to use. Before, we have tried different CMS, from WordPress to Magento, so the transition went very smoothly. We were open for business in no time.

Many features, like the cart, are integrated, while others can be realized using some plugin, script or extension. You can also request the developers you add an extra module or two. E-commerce marketplace platform has convenient dashboards for different user levels, from administrator to seller and buyer. Multiple features are available for all user levels, with admin access providing endless customization possibilities.

The hosting choice is up to you to ensure the platform’s stable work. Moreover, the standard design can be changed at any moment to create a unique look. With a subtle change in theme, a blank white page will turn into a user-friendly interface with a memorable design.

If you want to try out the endless possibilities of marketplace websites, but do not wish to waste your time and money on development, Online Marketplace Software is among the best builder solutions for you. It is not free, but the price is reasonable enough to serve as a low barrier to entry. You can use it to create an MVP to prove that your concept is viable and profitable.

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