5 Tips to Saving Money in 2018

Alright Geeks, how are you doing? Today, we are going to resolve one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to save money in 2018. Honestly speaking, it never hurts to have some extra cash in your hand whether you choose to save it for buying a home in future, paying your existing debts or have a better life during the holidays.

So, we have piled up 5 tips to saving money in 2018 so that you can keep more money in pocket and enjoy your life to its full extend.

Tip #1: Spend 1 day a week without spending any money at all.

This has been the most effective way to save a ton of money. That’s correct, we are telling you to spend a day in a week without spending any money at all. This involves no morning coffee, nothing from the drug store, no Uber, nothing. A survey conducted in 2017 reports that if a person goes 1 day without spending any money then that individual ends up saving at least $18,343 per year which is more than 33% of a normal person’s savings.

Tip #2: Cut out Taxi or any other convenience money.

This is true. Most people spends like 30% of their money on convenience every month. We are not asking you to totally cut out the convenience money but we are telling not use convenience when you are going to get a coffee only. It will be even better if you stop having take out foods, fast foods or anything that wastes your money. Simply cut out any unnecessary fee that are affecting your monthly budget.

Tip #3: Buy Microsoft Office 2010 at a discounted price.

Microsoft Office 2010 is something that is used by everyone in their daily lives. Whether you are writing a document or making a table sheet or designing a template or going to make a presentation. But did you know that you can actually get Microsoft Office 2010 at a cheaper price? That’s correct, head over to SoftwareDepot.co and you will find the same retail software but at a much-discounted price. Every penny saved is every penny earned. So, do not waste your money on buying a product that you could get cheaper.

Tip #4: Track your every spending

If you cannot figure out what expenses are going out of hand then the best way to manage your money is to track each and every money that you are spending daily. Simply record each and every transaction every day. This is really very necessary so that you can look back and see what is going wrong and where you could save more money. Simply eliminate every expenses that are worthless like night outs, parties, movies and so on.

Tip #5: Make a list before Shopping

Don’t you ever go on shopping without making a list. Trust me, you will end up buying tons of unnecessary things that will go to waste. Before going shopping, make a list of your necessities. If you don’t then you will simply think that this pencil box is only $3, that thing is only $5 but at the end they all add up which are totally useless. But if you have a list then you simply go on shopping, fill your bags with what you want and get back to home with lots of money that not spent blindly.

Hopefully, you guys liked this article and we hope you guys are able to save loads of money this year and have a nice year.

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