Awesome Ways to Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology

Home automation has been a force to reckon with for quite some time now, and it has changed the way we look at and interact with our homes completely. But the current trend of home automation is into so called smart technology, which is computer technology married with the home. The smart technology of the home is almost identical to the smart technology which has brought us smartphones and other mobile devices – except in the home it allows us to control the heating and lighting, among other things. Progressive Automations is a company, which specialises in the technology that surrounds smart technology for the home, and so knows how it can best be used in the home.

1 – Connect to your Home Directly

While people are working on ways to have our homes react to us without any work on our part, that is still in the future. However, what smart technology is very good for is keeping us connected with our homes on an entirely new level. Home automation had already been working towards having panels which allowed direct access to it, but smart technology allows not only for everything to be controlled from one single panel or mobile device (often by having everything connect to it rather than having everything connect separately to the internet), or by having homeowners able to connect to their home while they aren’t home at all. This switch has allowed people even greater control over their homes, and it is definitely something to take advantage of.

2 – Energy

Smart technology is something which can help homeowners to track the amount of energy which you are using in your home on a daily basis, and possibly also to decrease it if that is something you need. Smart technology gives you the ability to track the energy from different appliances through the device itself, or through the connection it has with any other devices. Knowing how much energy each individual appliance uses can help homeowners make decisions concerning what they want to continue to use, and how they want to use it in the future.

3 – Safety

Few people think of the safety aspect of smart technology, but there are so many ways in which it can be used to make the home safer for everyone. One way is definitely through energy monitoring, which is discussed above – being able to tell what energy is going where will be able to help in shutting things down if needed to save somebody from injury.

More specifically, an induction cooker is one way in which safety can be increased through the use of smart technology. Rather than using heat directly created from the hobs, an induction cooker uses the connection between the hob surface and the pot being used. This means that when the two surfaces are taken away from one another, the heat is gone.

4 – Convenience Throughout the Home

Smart technology means that a lot of home automation can be operated without homeowners needing to be in contact with it, and sometimes without needing to be in the same room. This means that homeowners can use their home automation without needing to move from the position they are currently in, and also that they can set things like TV lifts up when they are in other rooms getting ready to watch movies, or putting the finishing touches on their work before finishing for the day.

5 – Security

Home automation had already made new innovations in the field of security, but smart technology goes much further. To feel very safe, people should take advantage of the new technology which gives them the means to protect their homes. Smart technology means that cameras can show live video on a variety of devices, so that homeowners can see what has triggered the alarm, or can see who is outside their home. A similar thing can be done when the doorbell is rung, or when any lights which are hooked up to motion sensors go off, allowing you to see more clearly who is nearby. Smart technology also allow this to happen remotely, so that homeowners can keep up to date with what is happening when they are away from their homes. This has additional value if anything does happen to your home – you have access to the camera footage and can summon help immediately should something go wrong.


This article only goes over the basics of the advantages which come with smart technology, but hopefully they are a good start for anybody who is looking to delve into the reasons why smart technology is so effective and so useful. We likely haven’t found all the uses for smart home technology yet, which is why it is important to thoroughly research the ins and outs of such technology before incorporating it into your home. Smart technology, as an offshoot of home automation, is here to stay – hopefully this article will give some indication of why it should be embraced.

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