How to surf the internet anonymously?

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today we are going to answer one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to surf the internet anonymously. Honestly speaking, it is way too important and crucial to surf the internet without any trace specially torrent websites and other pages that could threaten your security measures. You will be surprised to know but most computers and laptops are hacked by tracing the IP addresses of your system. The recent ransomed attack is a classic example that imposes the risk and security of your identification.

If any hacker is successful to retrieve your personal identification then they can exploit it indefinitely. Now, most users thinks that using a proxy or a proxy website is safe enough but in reality they are not safe these days anymore and still can leak information without your acknowledgement. That’s why in this tutorial we are going to introduce one of the best IP hide program that will allow you to surf the internet anonymously. In this guide, we will be using Hide ALL IP program to hide the identity of your computer.

What is Hide ALL IP?

It is a desktop program that helps to hide your computer identification by connecting you with a different location IP address. In short, you will surf the internet from your home but any website or service will show your location distinctly. It is extremely easy to use and we should add that it is a must have program nowadays.

Salient Features of Hide ALL IP –

  • Change the IP address of your system with just 1 simple click.
  • Modify your home location by connecting to any server provided by the program.
  • All of your data and documents will be encrypted while you are connected with this program.
  • No DNS leaks whatsoever.
  • Supported in all games, IMs and application to make sure no identification is revealed via these programs.
  • Reduce gaming lags. For example – Hearthstone, counter strike and other multiplayer games will run smoothly.
  • Search and connect to the best available servers.
  • Access internet televisions flawlessly like HULU, Netflix etc.

How to use Hide ALL IP?

Honestly telling, it is very easy to use and requires few simple steps to run this program. Kindly, follow the instruction mentioned below to use this software –

Step 1. Go to the official website of Hide ALL IP and download the trial version of this program.

Step 2. Double click the downloaded file and accept the term and conditions to install the software.

Step 3. Launch the program and use the trial version first to see the potential of this program. Once you are satisfied you can go ahead and register the program.

Step 4. Select the location and click on “Connect” to connect with that specific country.

Step 5. Once you are connected you can go ahead and surf the internet using your favorite browser to check your IP address has been changed.

See the power of this program? We will recommend you guys to go ahead and check the website for detailed features. Moreover, it is free to try so go ahead and download the program today.

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