Programs and Applications for Essay Writing

You’ll learn more about essay writing software that is definitely worth your attention, as well as how to use it the right way.

Essay Writing Software

If you think that pen and paper are your only material instruments to achieve writing perfection, the digitalized era we all live in has something different to say about it. You can think at least about different software for essay writing, and namely writing applications. Before we begin our improvised countdown let us remind you that you can always order essays online at if you’ve got some problems with it; different writing services exist for this and we advise you to request their assistance in this case. And now, here are our picks for essay writing software you should definitely try, and what’s more, it’s absolutely free.


As you know, there are different stages of essay writing, and they definitely necessitate using different tools. When it comes to initial stages of conceiving ideas, few programs can compete with Freemind, a truly unique software allowing mind mapping. Get your thoughts together and achieve new heights of written production!


This cross-platform desktop application is another hot entry on our list. If the previous one was about meaning and putting your ideas in a certain order, this one is more about appearance: it contains high-quality decisions for visual arrangement and among them you’ll definitely find the one you would like the most.

Focus Writer

It’s hard to edit your text with this app, and that is its only con, perhaps. Instead, you can find balance between the number of features and usability with its help. All of it allows you to concentrate on the very process of writing, and that’s undeniably its true virtue.

Write Monkey

If you’re looking for simplistic interface Write Monkey is definitely worth considering. Lots of actions can be accomplished with its help, the only drawback being perhaps the insufficient array of files formats: it actually works only with .txt files.

Libre Office

We shouldn’t forget about free alternatives of Microsoft Word, and our pick here among numerous alternatives applications is Libre Office: it’s easy to use with a great interface and a set of all the necessary features for a text editor. If simple text processing is what you primarily looking for then Libre Office will be a great choice for you.

Essay Writing Software

This interesting software is a combination of different features under one curious decision. Of course, it raises an ethical problem of whether or not to decide on such a service, as it offers the possibility to get your essay done with mere several clicks, but that’s another story, of course. Apart from generating your essay (don’t expect overwhelmingly high quality, though) you can have access to essay researcher, essay shuffler, essay master, essay rewriter among other features. A lot to choose from depending on what you need exactly.

And of course, don’t take the logic of countdown too seriously here, as each and every service we mentioned here deserves nothing less than your admiration. So, please don’t put the last on this list here above everything else.  Good luck with writing your essay and never forget that whenever you are pen and paper never ceased to be your long-time friend.


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