The Top 5 Video Games of All Time

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today we are going to discuss the new era of this century and that’s gaming. It doesn’t matter if you play any games or not but they have certainly become one of the most integral part of this world. For professional gamers, it’s impossible to imagine a planet without games but more or less most people of this new generation love gaming.

So, keeping that in mind, in this article we will list the top 5 videos games of all time that can be enjoyed by any gender at any age in their lifetime. Considering there are millions of games posted on the internet but after testing and reviewing most of them, we have neared the following games down to the top 5 games of all time.

#1: Call of Duty

If you like shooting games then definitely call of duty is always on top of chart. Pretty much every gamer has tried this game and had an amazing experience. This game totally has everything, from stories to multiplayer mode that can literally steal hours of your lives. Not only that, this game has a series of sequel, from Call of Duty to Call of Duty 4 to Call of Duty WWII. The sequels really give the new players a hope and sense of scope.

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#2: Counter Strike

Originally designed back in 1999 as an advance version of Half-life, Counter-Strike and its latest incarnations are something that’s on the top list of e-sports gamers. In this game, players are divided into 2 groups called Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. The purpose of the game is to go to the bombing site and plant the bomb successfully and protect it so that it can successfully blast before any counter-terrorists defuse them. There is more version of this game, like protecting the hostages and so on. This game also has a multiplayer mode where more players can connect to the same server and compete against each other.

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#3: SimCity

Who doesn’t like to have their own fantasy world where they are rulers of their own kingdom. SimCity is built on 1994 and since then attracted millions of users. Graphics have significantly improved with the latest versions where you can build the new bridges, buildings, roads, highways, hills, valleys and open your own business companies and so on. Basically, everything that happens in real life can be done in this game.

#4: Super Mario Bros.

The most famous game in this world that all 90’s kids remember is Super Mario Bros. Nintendo has stated that this is the most successful game of their lifetimes and no wonder, it has entertained the kids most so far. There are two brothers in this game called Mario and Luigi who are running through the mushroom kingdom. They keep on stomping and jumping and conquering every stage to save their Queen.

#5: Pacman

Again, if you are a 90’s kid then you can’t forget about this game. Who doesn’t love to pass hours of time finishing stages after stages to complete this game. With endless mazes and smarter ghosts, this game could get a lot challenging. But you also get bonus fruits to eat the ghosts as well. It is still very much fun to play and is available on most online gaming websites.

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