4 Popular investment apps to try in 2018

Hello Geeks, how are you doing? Are you trying to earn some extra money to buy your favorite gadget? Are you seeking for some ways to invest money for better future? Investing money is the one of the easiest ways to earn some more extra cash. If you are smart and risk taker then just by knowing the current market, you should be able to make a bunch of cash that you can use to buy anything you like. Most people save them for retirement and many people save them for miscellaneous activities like kid’s college funds, medical emergencies and so on.

That’s why in this article we will be listing the 4 Android apps that you must try in 2018 to make your future better than yesterday. So, what it means is that rather than knowing the market, you can invest money with some organizations that will help you to grow your money rapidly.

App #1: Acorns – Invest Spare Changes

Every little penny counts. That’s right, you might be thinking what 20-30 cents will do to make your future better, right? Well, little drops of water make the mighty ocean and that’s exactly what Acorns app does. It is an antique and helpful business solution that gives you the opportunity to invest money little by little and we literally talking cents here that are left from each transaction we made per day that will be further invested in several businesses. Basically, you will be required to install this app, add your banking and card details but do not worry this is protected by 256-bit encryption which means your banking and card details will be very safe.

Next, you can use your net banking or cards daily for any expense that you like then the transaction will be rounded up and the remaining cents will be invested in business. For example, if you buy a $3.6 cup of coffee, then it will be rounded up to $4 and the remaining 40 cents will be invested in various stock and businesses. This is one of the most recommended apps for new investors. If you want to know more then kindly read the Acorns app review.

#2 Investing.com aps

Investing.com actually provides 2 different investing apps available on Google Play Store. One is the stock marketing app which shows the current rates of stocks, forex and other information. The other one is on cryptocurrency. As you know, cryptocurrencies are really hot and trending right now. What’s more is that there are over 1500+ cryptocurrencies available and you will be able to track the price and market of all cryptocurrencies flawlessly with this app. We will definitely recommend to download both apps as they are really very elegant in design and you will be up to date with the business world.

#3: eToro

If you more into commodities market like oil, gold and silver then eToro is definitely for you. Not only you can put real money into this app but you can even practice to see your skills. It gives the easiest way to buy commodities and you can even check the live prices of all the shares available in the market. You can use both banking and cards to add money to purchase these stocks.

#4: Coinbase app

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. then Coinbase app is the best place to buy these coins. It is highly secured with 2-step verification enabled. Users must go through the KYC process and after that you should be able to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. using your cards and net banking.

So, guys, these are the top 4 popular investment apps that you must try in 2018. Do let us know if you are using any other apps so that we can list them in our article.



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