How to Choose and Trust a Data Recovery Company?

Choosing a right data recovery company is essential to avoid data misuse, unpleasant surprises, and failure to recover lost data! The blog provides an insight on to the factors that will guide you opt for a good data recovery service provider. Read on to know more.

Internet is overwhelmed with data recovery companies that claim to provide the best data recovery service, but do you think all keep up their assertion. The answer is no. You’ll find many companies who recover simple cases of data loss via software, but when it comes to complex situations, they surrender the recovery task stating them irrecoverable.

The truth is the difficult data loss cases, which are beyond the scope of charlatan or inexperienced service provider, can be recovered by a professional recovery company. Therefore, choosing the right data recovery service is all the more important to save your time, energy, and money. Here are the list of factors you need to look for in order to trust a data recovery company and how to select a data recovery service provider?

Address: Open the website of the company and Google the physical address for its existence. Companies with virtual or non-existing address should not be trusted.

Duration: Check for how long the company is in the data recovery business. Generally, new companies lack service excellence. Choose the company with good success track record.

Versatility: Choose the company that is versatile to recover data from any kind of data storage medium be it hard disk drive, solid state drive, memory card, optical drive, or USB flash drive; and can recover data from any type of data loss situation be it logical or physical.

Hardware: Ensure the company can recover data from a storage device that requires physical parts replacement. Top recovery companies have exquisite warehouse to store replaceable hardware to revive severely damaged storage medium.

Process: Ascertain whether the company provides transparent process. Best recovery companies provide free diagnosis, no recovery no charge policy, free storage drive pickup-and-drop service, etc. Choose the one that ensures you do not end up paying for nothing.

Tools: See whether the company develops in-house data recovery tools. Choosing the company that has their proprietary tools gives a better chance of recovery, as their experts fully understands the nuances of recovery.

Technology: Ensure the company has research and development team to cope up with the vagaries of data storage technology.

Manpower: Skilled engineers with high technical knowhow is a must for recovering data. Opt for the company that has great manpower.

Infrastructure: Ensure you take data recovery service from the company that has best in class clean room lab to avoid speck of dust that can damage the storage medium.

Compliance: Choose a company that is compliant with government laws and industry regulations. Company with ISO certification is the sure shot way to judge its credibility.

Confidentiality: Opt for the company that guarantees that data present in customer’s storage drive is properly handled keeping the privacy and security in mind.

Feedback: Check the customers review, feedback, and testimonial of the data recovery service. High-star-rated company has better data recovery chances without any disagreeable surprises.


Choosing and trusting a right data recovery service provider is difficult for a naive person. The blog provides factors that can be considered while opting for the best data recovery company.  One such service provider that meets all the criteria is Stellar Data Recovery—the 4.7 star rated data recovery service provider in India with proven track record of 25 years.

Stellar data recovery, reputed name for providing data recovery services & software across globe. The company proudly boasts of having 2 million+ satisfied customers, and catering to increasing customer base daily with top notch data recovery services since 1993. Stellar is an ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization and have 15 branches in India. For more information about stellar data recovery services visit their official website or dial their toll free number 1800-102-3232



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