How to recover deleted files from hard drives?

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Today, we are going to resolve one of the most critical issue that most people face in their lives about how  to recover deleted files from hard drives. Data deletion can occur due to countless reasons whether you have erased them accidentally or data damage caused due to virus/malware attacks or you may have formatted your system due to some hardware failure issue.

Now, if your computer has some important data or document that you cannot afford to lose then this issue could be a real nightmare. You definitely don’t want to lose any of your important data especially if you have created no backup whatsoever. Now, the real question is –

Is it possible to recover deleted data from hard drives?

The short answer is YES! Well, whenever you delete a file from computer, it is actually not erased permanently and rather it is stored in the reserved memory of your hard drive. The erased data will be gone permanently if your re-write the empty space with new data. So, it is highly recommended not to download or store any new data on your computer after you realize that your important files are missing.

How to recover Deleted Files from Hard Drives?

Well, honestly speaking, you can recover all of your deleted files with a single click if you know how. The simple solution is to use a data recovery software to retrieve all the lost files. Now, after testing myriad data recovery tools, we have found out that EaseUS  Data Recovery Wizard is the best among all the software available online.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

It is an outstanding data recovery tool that can help you to recover any kind of deleted files within few moments. It is very lite in size yet very powerful to bring back any data from grave. This data recovery tool is effective under the following circumstances –

  • If you have lost files due to virus/malware attacks.
  • If anyone deleted data accidentally.
  • Data deletion caused due to hardware failure.
  • Data damage occurred due to lost partition.
  • System crashes.
  • And pretty much any other reasons which causes data loss.

Additionally, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can restore data from the following devices –

  1. Windows& Mac computers.
  2. Memory cards & SD cards.
  3. USB Flash Drives.
  4. Any other digital devices like tablet, cameras etc.

How to recover deleted files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

This data recovery tool is extremely easy to use but still we will take some time to write down a brief guideline on how to use this tool effectively to get back all your deleted files.

Step 1. Download and install the program.

This tool is available on both Mac and Windows computers. So make sure to download the compatible version and install it on your computer by accepting the terms and conditions of this program.  Next, launch the computer to see its main attractive user interface.

Step 2. Scan the entire Hard Drive

Next, the software will let you select the driver name from where you have lost the files. You can selectively choose hard drive partitions or you can run a complete scan on your computer if you are not sure from where your data has been deleted. Once you have selected the scanning driver, the software will automatically run the scanner and at this point, you will have to wait patiently unless the scanning is finished.

Step 3. Preview and Recover the Deleted Files

After the scanning progress is completed, the software will let you preview each and every single data that has been lost from the computer. Go through all the files, and select the data that you wish to restore and finally, click on “Recover” to bring them back on your computer again.

That’s all! You have successfully recovered all the data from your computer now. EaseUS Data Recovery tool is very efficient and powerful and we will recommend to visit their official website and check out all the features by yourself. We are pretty sure you won’t regret it. Hopefully, you guys liked this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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