3 Ways to Unlock Windows 10 Locked Computer

If you have used all the versions of Windows OS till date, then you must have realized that Windows 10 is really one of its kinds. Needless to say, that the incorporation of so many new in-built features and astounding graphic interface has led to the majority of population to start using it.

Now if you are using such an elevated operating system, you would surely wish to secure all your data stored in it as the likelihood of mischief and random intrusion increases in manifold. But what if you secure your system with a password, and then you forget it. You will certainly be at a total loss. Isn’t it? Yes, in spite of being upgraded with so many aspects, it still is unable to help the admin get back his access in the time of extremities. And that is why we are here to give you the rightful you need to reset Windows password.

The article here has come up with some incredible tricks and trades which will indeed help you sort out your issue with such an ease. Just carry on with you reading to know the detailed version of it below.

#1: Reset Password with Microsoft Account

If you are an avid user of Microsoft services, like Skype, Outlook, Hotmail, etc, then you must know that all these services use a centralized common username and password. So if you change the password using any one of these services, it will automatically change the password requirement on the login screen as well if MS account password protection is enabled. Just go through the steps below to know what etc, and then you must be know that all these services use a centralized common username and password. So if you change the password using any one of these services, it will automatically change the password requirement on the login screen as well if MS account password protection is enabled. Just go through the steps below to know what you have got to do exactly:

Step 1. First of all, go to the following link:


Step 2. After the official website turns up, click on “I forgot my Password” option.

Step 3. Now provide your account details, like username and password and hit “Enter”.

Step 4. Choose your mode of receiving the OTP (One Time Password).

Step 5. Once you have received the OTP, click “Next” to continue.

Step 6. Now enter a new and fresh password twice before you click “Next” option again.

Step 7. Restart your computer, and then enter the newly created password, and this time you will get a safer access to your admin account without any difficulty.


  • In case your MS password protection feature is not enabled in your system, this method is of no use.
  • The method is not applicable to Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 versions.

#2: Crack your Lost Password with LCP

LCP is indeed notifying software which can easily crack your lost or forgotten password in no time. Instead of actually resetting the password, it can recover your password in real. Though the method is bit complicated but is quite effective enough during emergencies. The steps for the method are as follows:

Step 1. Download the setup file of the tool from the internet and install it appropriately.

Step 2. Now open the LCP tool using any local user account from the main windows and click on “import” button in the tool bar.

Step 3. Next you will receive a drop down menu from which you have got to select “Import from SAM file…..” and then you will be prompted to locate the SAM file in the target directory.

Step 4. Uncheck the check box named “Additional encryption is used” and click “Ok” to continue.

Step 5. Now the software will expose all the already registered accounts, from which you have to select your locked user account. Then click the “Arrow” button in the toolbar to begin the process the password checking process.

Step 6. Once the process is over, the recovered password will be displayed under the “NT Password” column next to the “LM Password” column.


  • The method is very complicated for those who are new to using password resetting tools.
  • It is not functional with the latest Windows Server OS versions like Windows server 2012 and 2016.

#3: Bypass Login Screen with Passfolk Saverwin (Free)

If you have been using tirelessly irrelevant methods and tools which are yielding no beneficial results, then you must try something which is genuinely designed to resolve your issue. Passfolk Saverwin software is one such tool which is deliberately designed to disable password features from Windows OS which in turn allows users to get clean access to their admin accounts. Since it has been tested and verified with various brands of laptops and computers, you can be assured of its authenticity.

SaverWin (Free) Specifications:

  • The software is equally compatible with Windows XP/ Vista /7 /8 /10.
  • The Windows server OS is also well supported by this tool.
  • UEFI and Legacy BIOS based computers are also supported.
  • No internet connectivity is required.
  • All time customer services are available.
  • No burning tools are needed to burn the disk image files.
  • No data is lost during the process of password removal.
  • Re-installation of OS is not needed.
  • Absolutely FREE!

Things you need before using Passfolk:

  • Passfolk utility
  • A CD/DVD or Flash drive with minimum storage capacity.
  • A fully operational computer system.

User’s Guide:

Step 1.  Download the correct setup file of the software to your functional computer and install it accurately with steps instructions.

Step 2. Now insert your disk and click “Burn USB” to commence the burning of ISO image files into the disk. Once the burning is completed, you will be shown the message “Burning Successfully!”

Step 3. Next take out the loaded disk and insert it again into the locked computer. Go to the BIOS utility settings and change the boot order to load the software onto the hard disk.

Step 4. Once it is done, click “Reset Password” and
Reboot” to start the password removal procedure.

Step 5. After it is completed, your system will be restarted and you will get a clean access to your previously locked admin account.


If you have read the article carefully you can clearly discern the importance of Passfolk over the other tools and methods. The efficiency of this tool is 100% and cannot be compared to any other alternative. Thus if you are wise enough to take the right decision, you would definitely rely on Passfolk instead of the first two methods mentioned above.

In case you have got any queries regarding the tool or any other aspect, better read other articles from our official website daily.

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