Purpose and Importance of Good Education

Nelson Mandela Quoted “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

The most powerful tool that gives a person the inner and outer strength is Education. It is all about gaining knowledge. It gives the knowledge about the world and helps to change it into a better one. It has the capability of bringing changes and upliftments in the human brain and society. The most important responsibility of a society is to educate its people.

Education gives the ability to differentiate between right and wrong or good and evil. It helps us in interpreting things. It makes us good decision maker and right thinker. It is not about studying and scoring marks. It is a way to find new things which we don’t think about.

The main purpose of education is to help everyone to gain knowledge and skills so that he or she becomes capable of contributing to the society. It will help to shape the society.  Education helps to provide solutions to all problems. It gives the knowledge about good habits and the things that cause corruption, terrorism and other social problems.

Pestalozzi said, “Education is a natural, progressive and systematic development of all the forces.” It makes human beings different from other creatures. It helps in self- realization of an individual. Today we are at the peak of civilization. Present century is known for scientific discoveries, research and information technology. In this progressive era, everything is continuously changing and growing.

Education helps the women to make healthy choices for their family and their lives. It helps to enhance their self-confidence and decision-making powers. It helps them to discover their potential and to bring new ideas and innovation. It also increases their resistance to gender discrimination.

Education helps to fight poverty. The continuous and rapid growth of a country depends on the percentage of educated citizens in the society. Each year of schooling increase the probability of earning by 10 percent. If good quality education is offered to the entire population of the Country then there is one percent annual increase in GDP of the country.

Nowadays getting the proper education has become easier and simpler because all the big universities are providing the facility of the new online system and correspondence.

India had not adopted technology in its education system. But with high-speed internet and low-cost mobile devices, there has been the significant increase in the use of technology in this sector. India has become the fastest growing markets for e-learning products. Indian entrepreneurs have taken the opportunity of introducing new education-based technology for private and government schools, colleges and universities.

Distance Education is a new way of learning has emerged where the students and professionals can learn from anywhere through the Internet and can also communicate with the faculty online. India is a developing country and many students live in remote villages. Their dream of getting the higher education can be fulfilled through this new idea. Technology can help them to complete their studies, enhance their skills and have a degree. Top Engineering Colleges in Noida are integrating online Learning Management System in their websites. The students can access the course materials from anywhere. Lectures are uploaded on the LMS which helps the students to go through them multiple times.

Educational mobile apps are also available which help in delivering e-content. There are also certain websites like Khan Academy that offer video lectures by eminent scholars which are helpful for exam preparation like UPTU 2018, JEE Main etc.

Thus Education is the deep-rooted and dynamic process. It begins at birth and proceeds all through life.

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