Technology has monopolized every aspect of our life. The relationship between parents and children does not escape this affirmation. One thing is sure that children and young people love technology. However, this does not usually occur in the elderly, who usually keep a little more distance from the new trends.

There is a new ‘race’, that of the technological parents, who seems to have found a common ground with their children, from whom they can extract enormous benefits for their relationship. How is this fraternal bond in the 21st century?

Technological parents and new devices

It is clear that not all parents today are characterized by having a broad mastery of current technologies. However, the vast majority succeeds.

In the first group, that of those who still do not understand too much, we can find people distrusting these devices and their ability to understand them. They are likely to give in to buy a smartphone, but they already have in mind that they will not be able to use it. With the help of your children, you can use it for the basics and little else.

On the other hand, there are those who ignore – or at least pretend to do so – technological novelties. Moreover, they probably lose sight of what their children do or stop doing on the web or social networks, not out of lack of interest, but because of ignorance of the dangers that live here.

At the other extreme, we can find those who do know the new trends in detail; and the best thing is that they know how to take advantage of them. These parents, who usually work with artifacts of this type, know how to deal with antivirus, applications and all kinds of software and hardware.

For all these parents, there is a simple and highly effective parenting way invented for you. The way you can use to stay connected to your kids technically and to monitor them digitally for their own well-being i.e. using the android parental controls. Android parental controls are rendered by parental apps such as FamilyTime that help parents monitor and control their kids from their very own smartphone.

It is a super easy way for parents to keep pace with their tech savvy kids. Having the app in hand, parents can:

  • Mirror the contact book of their kids
  • Monitor call logs
  • Track SMS history
  • Watchlist contacts
  • Check the list of installed apps
  • Track usage frequency
  • Blacklist unwanted apps
  • Allow specific time for an app usage
  • Track internet usage & web-history
  • Monitor bookmarks
  • Allocate specific hours for the device usage on a weekly or daily basis
  • Schedule auto screen locks
  • Remotely locking the phone
  • Set speed limits
  • Receive over-speed, SOS and PickMeUp alerts
  • Track location in real time and past history
  • Geo-fence important places

And much more. If you wish to see how does the app work, and want to get this app on your phone for free.

For a detailed introduction of the app, visit the website: and read their installation guide to get through the app successfully. Good luck and happy parenting!

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