IOTransfer 3 – The best Alternate of iTunes

Hello Geeks, how are you all doing? Recently many Apple users in our blog is asking about a reliable alternative to iTunes. Honestly, iTunes is efficient enough to do most of the tasks related to your iDevice however, iTunes is encountering countless issues these days and hence, we are going to introduce to an amazing alternative of iTunes – IOTransfer 3

What is IOTransfer 3?

It is a powerful and effective iPhone Transfer Software & management program as well as a marvelous video converter and downloader. All-in-one package.

IOSTransfer 3 offers 1-click solution to transfer and copy all kind of files like pictures, music, videos, contacts, etc. from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer. Not only that, it also helps to import, export and delete contents like iBooks, Voice Memos, apps, podcasts and so on. That’s why it is the best alternative to iTunes.

Moreover, you can flawlessly download videos from Video streaming websites like YouTube to your iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer. All the downloaded videos can be watched offline. What’s more is that the latest version of this program even supports cleaning caches and garbage files that are eating up all the spaces in your iPhone.

Talking about the latest version IOTransfer 3, it also offers AIR-TRANS feature. For those who are not familiar with this feature, AIR-TRANS technology can transfer all kind of files from your iOS Device to PC under the same local network. It means that you can copy all the files like photos, music, videos, etc. from your iOS device to PC wirelessly.

One of the biggest issues that iOS device users face these days is the video/audio compatibility. But thanks to IOTransfer 3, you can now convert all the video files into desirable format including audio file formats and then transfer the converted files to the iOS device automatically. So, the file compatibility issue is now GONE!

Salient Features of IOTransfer 3-

  • One-click Transfer – You can transfer all the files from iOS device to PC in one click.
  • Wireless Transfer – Say good-bye to USB data cables. You can connect your iPhone to PC and transfer iPhone Data via Wi-Fi.
  • Video Downloader – Want to watch videos offline? Download them using IOTransfer 3.
  • Video Converter – Want to convert your Videos to MP4/AVI/MKV/FLV/MP3? With IOSTransfer 3, you can convert all the videos to any desirable format in 1 click.
  • Junk Cleaner – Running out of space on your iPhone and iPad? With IOTransfer 3, quickly scan the entire device and clean out the useless and trashy files from the iPhone to make more space and Memory.

And much more. To be honest, IOSTransfer 3 offers many premium features which makes it a must have tool for every iOS user. Definitely, it is one of the top recommendations from our editors and we suggest you to visit the official website of IOSTransfer 3 today to have a glance on all the features provided by this program.

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