5 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Python

It is typical to wonder why a programming language would be named after one of the most ferocious snakes in the world. Python is one of the most famous programming languages today, which is remarkable since it has been in use for less than three decades. One can easily argue that Python commands more attention than other high-level programming languages, which is prodigious given how many of these are in the programming industry. A lot can be said about such a programming language. However, some five valuable facts everyone interested in this industry should know include:


  • The future of Python is exceedingly promising


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the focal point of computer technology today and will remain so for a foreseeable future. The significance of having a programming language that is best suited for AI and machine learning can therefore not be overplayed. Python has exactly what is needed to revolutionize AI and machine learning. Some of its libraries, such as TensorFlow, scikit-learn, and Keras give Python excellent machine learning functionality due to their flexibility and speeds. Moreover, the computation engines like SciPy and NumPy are surely turning more minds from other computation tools like MATLAB.


  • Python has a plethora of uses


The most common question about the programming language seems to be: what is python used for? It is worth noting that the uses of python are widespread. Although most people, even programmers, are only aware of its use in web development, python can be put into service in more ways than this. For instance, it is used for desktop GUI’s like Kivy. It can also be utilized in software development, e-commerce systems, and ERP, just to mention a few. This flexibility of application makes it fit for several people.


  • Python is incredibly easy to learn


Most programmers who have used more than one programming language will attest to the fact that Python was the easiest to master. Python has very basic coding standards. Additionally, its use of whitespace allows cogent organization of code into tidy small blocks. The functions that can be performed are numerous, making the language very interesting. Additionally, Python creates a very good foundation for those interested in C/C++ and Java. If you are focused in learning programming, don’t be blindsided by BASIC, Python is where you need to start.


  • Python has numerous libraries


This comes as good news to those who like to specialize in one area and perfect it. There are several libraries at your disposal when using Python. The libraries are grouped together depending on the tasks they perform. Hence, it is possible to focus on a few of them that are directly related to your tasks exhaustively.


  • It’s all about styling


Finally, every programmer that intends to use python should know the different styling that can be leveraged in the programming language. Proficient styling helps to achieve fast compilation time and general code neatness, which are highly desirable. Styling comes out in comments, code layout, String Quarters, and whitespace in expressions and statements.


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