5 Tips to growing your wordpress website

A wordpress website plays an important role in providing potential customers with the relevant information on all they need to know about your website. It is therefore important and mandatory to ensure that it is always working and producing the best results at all times. With optimum working capability that is efficient, the wordpress website will increase your popularity amongst competitors, ranking you as the best of them all. This will in turn add to your sales traffic and your sales in general earning you profits which is good for business. In promoting your website and brand, you need to ensure that it is constantly growing in terms of services being offered and the traffic being generated and directed to your website. Below are some of the tips that will help you grow your wordpress website:


  • The uptime.This is the time taken to automatically run your website smoothly with no downtime. In order for your wordpress to grow, you must ensure that the uptime is very high in that there are no delays in the system and that the potential customers and consumers have easy time to access and go through the website. Slow or low uptime discourage many people as they lose interest of the site almost instantly. To achieve the best uptime, ensure your wordpress website is managed by a server that has a high percentage that is verified and guaranteed.



  • Enough storage.When it comes to growing your wordpress website, storage plays an important role. It is important to ensure that the amount of storage you set aside for the website is enough on the servers. The word enough means that it is the appropriate size in that it is not too much as it will be wastage of good storage space and it is not too small in that it cannot accommodate the required information.



  • Have additional extra domains.The domains are what ease up and speed up the access of the customer and help him or her to navigate through your website. In order to grow your wordpress website, you should ensure that the tags and bugs you use are functioning and always updated. The update of the domains need to be automatic and when making the wordpress website, ensure that it is dynamic in that it can be stretched and modified if need be.



  • Efficient and satisfactory customer services.In order to grow your wordpress website, you should ensure that the already customers you have are happy and satisfied I order to keep them. Once you are able to keep your already customers it will be easy to attain more through their reviews and referrals. It is for this reason that you should ensure your customer services are the best.



  • Security.To grow your wordpress website, you need to ensure that you beef up your security to keep away threats and loss or corrupt of data. This can be easily done by selecting a good host that will manage your wordpress website. In order to find the best host, go through the list provided by Hosting Foundry‚Äôs best wordpress hosting comparison and select one that will best serve and protect you.


Growing your wordpress website mostly depends on the type of host you pick. It is therefore very important to pick one that caters for all your needs and is within your budget.

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