The top 4 personal training apps to try today

Getting in shape today has become more accessible and fun. Thanks to the many fitness apps like audio fitness, we can easily access today, we no longer have to find a personal trainer to teach us the best activities and workout routines that can help us get fit. These apps are basically designed to keep us motivated in taking part any physical activity such as cycling, running, or even just walking. It also helps us keep track of our progress which is very important if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Working out can become boring and too much for a lot of us especially if we don’t know what else to do. Thankfully, there are fitness apps that can turn this around and help us maintain our goals without realizing it.

Here are the top 4 personal training apps to try today.

  1.    Sworkit

A simple and customizable workout app and is rated as the no. 1 app by the American Collge of Sports Medicine is Sworkit. It is known for the quality of instructional exercise standard in the app. It’s very easy to join. You just need to input your personal data and after that, you can now select your goals on the app. It will introduce you to a number of exercises such as yoga, cardio, strength, stretching, and other exercises. You can even compile all of it for your personalized workout.

  1.    Google Fit

If you have Android Wear, this fitness app will definitely make a great addition to your mobile phone. It is a must try as it provides you stats so you can analyze it, do other types of tracking, and then evaluate your fitness goals. It also has the most basic features and is good for beginners. Moreover, it is free!

  1.    JEFIT

JEFIT is an app that suits well for frequent gym-goers. With just one click, it logs your weight information as well as repetitions on each gym machine. As you progress, your workout routines and rest time are tracked. On top of that, it also graphs your body measurement. If you are a beginner, JEFIT will provide you with more than 60 routines. You can also access more than 2,000 plans created by the community so you can get started. Moreover, JEFIT also has an active workout community with millions of users. These people are your friends that can help you stay on track and remain motivated.

  1.    Aaptiv

Aaptiv is one of the best in-ear personal training apps that will boost your workout routine wherever you are. It features more than 2,500 audio classes and has 15 trainers who create new ones every week. With your subscription, you will get to have unlimited use on it so you don’t have to worry about doing repetitive workouts. And since this app has instructions in audio form, it is easy to follow along. So whether you are running, cycling, or race training, you can easily follow along and get on track towards your fitness goals.

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