Amazon Prime Day 2018: The Best Deals So Far (Updated 17 July)

Last Updated: 17th July, 2018

What is Prime Day:

Amazon Prime Day is pretty much like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. More than 1 million products will be on sale and heavy discounts will be offered. But some products will be available for sale for few hours whereas few will be listed before the Prime Day and will end after the Prime Day is over.

You can also get 30-Day free trial of Prime members.

If you are a student then get 6 month free trial instead.

When was Prime Day:

Mid of 16th July to end of 17th July. It’s over for 2018.

Update: Guys, Prime day is over and we hope you all had a blast. We will come back again with more deals from Amazon next years Prime Day. We have taken down all the deals from this page because they are no longer available.

Meanwhile, you guys can still find good deals on Daily Deals Page.

Few Facts about Amazon Prime Day 2018:

* Amazon did say 2018 Prime Day generated over 100 million sales.

* Amazon did break all the sales record so far beating shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017.

* Amazon said all Prime members together saved millions of dollars at Whole Foods during Prime Day.

* Cloud Cam became the best selling security camera.

* RBC Capital Markets estimated Amazon genrated $1.5 billion to $2 billion in Prime Day.

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